Winter Games Medical

Medical Coverage &
Medical Volunteers

Medical Coverage

Athletic trainers will be available on-site at most venues. The athletic trainers will respond to injuries that happen in the field of play. There will be no preparation services available (i.e. taping, etc...). Also, a triage center will be open throughout the weekend so an athlete can be checked out by a doctor prior to visiting a hospital (in non-emergency situations).

What about insurance coverage?
Insurance is the responsibility of each participant. In some instances, the National Governing Body (NGB), which sanctions an event, may have secondary coverage. In the event of an emergency, injury or illness, medical personnel will be contacted. Competition preparation, such as taping, is the responsibility of the participant.
Medical Volunteers Needed
Metro Health Sports Medicine is looking for volunteer medical personnel for the Meijer State Games. If you are a physician, PA, NP, nurse, first responder (or someone not in one of these categories but may still qualify) and are willing and able to help out, please email Dr. Ed Kornoelje at