June 23 & 24, 2018



- 8:00 am - Check-in and on-site registration (for walk-in registration)
- 9:00 am - Equipment check
- 9:30 am - Practice ends (2) begin
- 10:00 am - Scoring ends begin

- 8:00 am - Check-in
- 8:30 am - Practice ends (2) begin
- 9:00 am - Scoring ends begin

A lunch break of approximately one hour will take place between the first and second target of each day. An awards ceremony will take place upon receipt of all scoresheets and compilation of scores on Sunday - Around 3:00pm based on past experience.

Sport Director:

Jeff DeRegnaucourt

Registration Categories:
Archers must compete in one of the designated age categories as determined by U.S.A. Archery. Age Determination date: December 31, 2018

Youth categories
Yeoman: (For archers who are currently 8 and under, or will turn 9 during the 2018 calendar year)
Bowman: (Archers will turn 10, 11, or 12 during the 2018 calendar year)
Cub: (Archers who will turn 13 or 14 during the 2018 calendar year)
Cadet: (Archers who will turn 15, 16, or 17 during the 2018 calendar year)
Junior: (Archers who will turn 18, 19, or 20 during the 2018 calendar year)
Adult categories
Senior, Master 50+, Master 60+,  Master 70+,  AR-AR3:  (Disabled categories)

Registration Notes:
* Archers who wish to compete with traditional equipment should register as “Barebow ”.
** Archers who compete with compound bows with fingers should register as “Compound”
***Individual divisions for these categories will be in place for the tournament, and archers will be asked to note their designation at the time of registration on site.

Archers who wish to compete must be registered USA Archery or NFAA members.  As a registered event, archers will be required to comply with USA Archery dress code regulations. Equipment must meet FITA rules, with arrows having a diameter of 9.3mm or less. All rules and regulations will be posted on this web-site listed below prior to the event.Shooting distances for the four targets of the tournament are shown HERE

Scoring Procedures: CLICK HERE

In order to ensure that the tournament progresses smoothly, we ask that all archers review the link below explaining tournament scoring procedures.  We especially ask youth archery coaches and parents to review this, so that our young archers are familiar with the process prior to the competition.

Archery Rules:
FITA Rules (International)

Archers must comply with tournament dress code regulations of USA Archery.  More information about rules, target size, shooting divisions, and other information will be available at


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